Student Organization of Youth Power (SOYP)

 Student Organization of Youth Power (SOYP)

Student Organization of Youth Power (SOYP) was formed in 2016 with an inspiration of the spirit of the liberation war by some meritorious and dedicated youths.

Shoibur Rahman Sajib is the founder of SOYP. Shoibur and the volunteers of SOYP look for poor but meritorious students of their community and arrange career counseling programs for them. Initially, this career counseling program was SOYP’s regular events in their community. With increased progress, Shoibur and his team gave SOYP an institutional shape in 2017.

To become a member of SOYP, one has to successfully participate in three events. At present SOYP has 55 active listed volunteers and 800+ online members who are regularly participating in different social welfare activities of SOYP. Some of SOYP’s successful events are:

Successful participation of students of all classes with Upazila (sub-district) administration through human chain for recognizing 25th March as the International Genocide Day

School-based anti-narcotic awareness campaign

“Skills Development Program” is being conducted for students. Already 12 campaigns have been successfully completed.

When the people of North Bengal lost everything during the devastating flood in the year of 2017, all volunteers of SOYP distributed reliefs among nearly 300 affected families by collecting money from different school-colleges, markets, and markets.

SOYP also playing an active role in the cultural sector to keep the spirit of liberation war alive among the youth.

After receiving Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2018, SOPY has been widely recognized in district level. The appreciation they received from their community has motivated them to take more sustainable initiatives along with their ongoing activities. SOYP is now planning some long-term projects for upcoming days that include skill development projects under their career counseling sessions and vocational training for drop-out students.

Whenever SOYP takes any action or initiative, the members always keep in mind that the youth must not forget the spirit of the war of liberation and the history of Bangladesh. This youth organization believes that building youth in nation-building with patriotic ethos can show the light of hope among the youth and overall development of our country.