The Flag Girl, Dhaka

The Flag Girl, Dhaka

The name The Flag Girl is called by Priota Farelin Iftekhar since she raises a Bangladeshi flag to support Bangladeshi youths especially girls and women to ensure their rights to travel.

By virtue of her constant involvement in cross-cultural and development activities while traveling across the planet, Priota has become an idol to many girls who dream to fly but cannot defy the mental cage the society shut them in.

ভদ্র ঘরের মেয়েরা সন্ধ্যার পর ঘরে থাকে (Decent girls stay in home after evening) – is a stereotype Priota wants to break. She says,

“The society has enforced their own definition of perfections on young women. When a young woman travels, she imbues herself with the sense of adventure, responsibility, and bravery. That’s where ‘The Flag Girl’ connects women in Bangladesh to women all over the world for work, tour and education opportunities abroad.”

Sometimes Priota and her team travel in groups and help match travel-mates. She also says,

“Young women are no longer depending on others to pay for their tour, they can fill up their own forms and find fully funded opportunities abroad through our social media group”.

The Flag Girl also concentrates on branding Bangladesh through content creation. She aims to show Bangladeshi culture, cuisines, festivals, clothing, etc. to the world.

Young Bangla network appreciates the contribution of Flag Girl to the women of Bangladesh. Her unique involvement in the society has already been appreciated on many national and international platforms. In 2018, Flag Girl has received Joy Bangla Youth Award for her iconic idea of empowering the women of Bangladesh.