The hill track community of Bangladesh is highly rich in culture and diversity. Their enriched tradition and lifestyle inspire many people to practice and respect their own. But due to remote geography and undeveloped infrastructure, the hill track community lacks basic needs and facilities. Unmesh, as an organization, came forward to build an army of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of these ethnic communities. It started off its journey in 2012 as a blood bank since this was one of the major problems that concerned them. Its founders have donated six thousand bags of blood and organized blood test campaigns in educational institutes which reach up to eleven thousand people. The Rangamati district often gets affected by landslides and people lose their homes and in extreme cases, lives. Naniyarchar, Sajek, Langadu and Rangmati hills are the most affected areas. In times like this, Unmesh helps the local people with funds and relief collected from different government and non-government organizations.

Besides, the organization noticed that many people suffer from insufficient medical and health facilities, which often leaves them with high death rates and disabilities. As a result, Unmesh has started to give medical assistance to patients suffering from life-threatening diseases and accidents. Till now it has treated ten such patients. Education is also a primary concern for this organization. Along with establishing a library of three thousand books, it provides scholarships to twenty-two meritorious students. Through conducting seminars and training workshops, it communicates to the students and youth about the importance and consequences of climate change. It also expands their workshop topic by offers training on farming and technical skills to create skilled manpower among the hill tracks.

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