WSPP Road Show 2024

WSPP Road Show 2024

Phase 1: Dhaka to Jessore

Date: 15-16 September, 2023

Most females who travel outside their homes very often face some kind of verbal abuse, sexual comments, bad touching or stalking, and they are not aware what to do instantly or to whom they should complain. A woman traveling in both urban & rural areas is almost constantly in danger of being sexually harassed, whether she is walking down the street or using public transportation. This threat affects their daily movements, including how they choose to travel, when they travel, and who they travel with, and it is especially acute for the most marginalized women. Gender equity as a whole is significantly impacted by a woman’s capacity to travel around her city freely and safely.

Young Bangla- CRI planned to work with collaboratively Travelettes of Bangladesh, Asia Foundation, SBK Foundation & Shakti Foundation to promote Women’s Safety in Public Places (WSPP) in a different way. A group of 27 bikers (Male and Female ratio would be 30:70) will make a virtual cross in the map of Bangladesh. The path of the total ride will create a “cross” which represents “Cross to Gender Based Violence”.  

To render the plan the team started their  1st phase roadshow on 15 September 2023  at 7.30 am from Dhanmondi 32.  


  • To create mass awareness among the territorial region
  • To encourage the participants to become the advocates in the community about women safety
  • To deliver the message about women’s safety to approximately 7.5 million people.
  • To prevent sexual harassment in public places and support survivors.
  • To engage both male and female participants to ensure knowledge of women safety.

Phase 01: Dhaka to Jessore

Destination:  Dhaka ⇒Vanga⇒Narail⇒Jessore⇒Magura⇒Dhaka

Duration: 2 days

Male female ratio= 30:70

Number of participants:

SLTeam DetailsNumber of Participants
127 Riders with 27 pillions54
2Team of artists from University of Dhaka10
3Management officials and emergency team29

Day 1 (15 September 2023) A team consisting of 27 bikers with pillions started their journey from Dhaka. They crossed the Padma Bridge and took a short break at Vanga. After that they headed towards Narail and promoted the importance of women safety in public places. They visited S M Sultan Memorial Gallery at Narail Sadar Upazila then moved Jessor and stayed at Sheikh Hasina Hi-Tech Park and engaged in stakeholder meetings and community engagement.

Day 2 (16 September 2023) A team from University of Dhaka performed a Street drama and Dialogue on ‘Women’s’ Safety in Public Places’ in front of the Jessore Manihar Cinema Hall to create public awareness.  After completing the event the team headed off to Dhaka.

Media Engagement:

i) Pre Event Telecast: Somoynews TV was associated with the pre event telecast.

(14 September 2023)


ii) TV Channels: The recorded event was live-streamed and telecasted by different media outlets. We received immense responses from the audience. (-Till 18 September 2023)

1Young Bangla20K
3Somoynews TV and Banglar Somoy13K
4Somoy TV Youtube6.5K
5DBC News Daily39K
6Bayanno TV2.5K
7News 246.3K
8My TV1.5K

Total Views = 170K

iii) News Coverage:

SLNews Paper ListLinks
1Prothom AloProthom Alo
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iv) Facebook Reach:

SLSocial MediaReach
1Travelettes of Bangladesh36061
2Sakia Hoque199625